Shareef Sarhan

Remains of Battle, Installation, 2014

Remains of Battle, Installation, 2014


The Remains of a Battle

Shareef Sarhan considers the manner in which a soldier’s role differs depending on their objective, as well as how the kind of weapons that remain after battle are often suggestive of accountability. One ‘side’ takes on the role of conqueror, employing modern weaponry whist the other assumes the role of protector, utilizing whatever they have available. But who defines these roles and who determines their classification?


Born in Gaza in 1976, Shareef Sarhan works as a freelance photographer with UNRW, the UNDP, the WHO, the WFP and the AFD. He is also a Graphic Designer.  Between 1998 and 2002 he lectured and taught at Gaza College as well as Al Azhar University. He holds a diploma in art from ICS University, USA (2001), is a member of the Palestinian Fine Arts Association and is a founding member of ‘Windows from Gaza’, contemporary art collective. He has participated in numerous workshops and residency programs in Palestine and abroad.

Notable Exhibitions:

2012 “Gaza live” photo Exhibition of 999 image CCF Gaza

2012 Overcrowding in the city of the arts in Paris

2008 “One camp, simply” French Cultural Center in Gaza – Ram allah – naplouse.

2007 “Gaza War “ Experimental Film & book photographs in El Mena Gallery

2007 “dally in city” in Arts and Craft:s village, Gaza

2006 “dally in city” in Sakakini Rama allh

2006 “Details” in Gaza Windows form Gaza

2003 “Lahzet Al Kasef” in Arts and Craft:s village, Gaza.

2002 “Landscape and man” in Sakakini Rama allh

Group Exhibits:

2011 Exhibition Besieged Letters……and Faces windows for Contemporary Art

2010 Sia Picture Gallery group windows and the German Goethe Institute, Ramallah,

2010 Art Exhibition in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Art Court 2010

2010 Gallery Gallery confluence of visual stories 2010

2009 Exposition de Gaza à Morlaix au Roudour – Morlaix France

2009 Emergency gaza – Italy

2009 22 Gaza_An Everlasting Memory – WFG

2009 Tribute to Jerusalem gaza wfg

2009- late July in gaza – WFG

2009 – Gaza war – ccf

2008 – Without Preparing – From GAZA in makan – Jordan

2007-2008 Marseille-VideoArt-Festival and Festival Mintor-France.

2007 exhibition Framing Gaza London in the Arts Club.

2007 exhibition still Gallery el Maina the Palestinian Ministry of Culture & GUCC

2007 Two Video Festival -CAIRO

2007 Art showing of a video art – windows from gaza of Contemporary Art Gaza

2006 for once in Gaza Windows form Gaza

2006 Artist Arab festival in Egypt

2006 Occupied Space in The United Kingdom

2005 Exhibition and Auction at the ambassador Hotel- Jerusalem find by undp

2004 Windows form Gaza in Arts and Craft:s village, Gaza

2004 Al Awda in USA

2003 Windows form Gaza in Qattan Organization – Ramallah – beat lahem – al

kaleal – al Qoeds .

2003 Autuman 2003 ministry of culture.

2003 Art Across Borders , USA.

2002 12*12 Exhibits in Arts and Craft:s village, Gaza.

2001 Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah, UAE..

2001 “July Gathering”, Arts and Craft:s village, Gaza.

2001 “Sanakoon” (we wi11 be), Palestinian Red Crescent society, Gaza

2000 July Academy, Darat A1-Funun, Amman.

2000 Jerusalem in the Eyes of Artists, Dar Al-Karama, Ramallah

1999-2001 “Afaq” (Horizons), YMCA, Gaza.

1998 “Five Amateurs”, YMCA, Gaza.

1995 “Jerusalem First Exhibit”, jerusalem open university, Gaza.



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