Salem Awad

BenQ Digital Camera

Relationship, 70 x 100 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014.



Salem Awad’s grandmother’s dress is still hung in one of their house’s closets and continues to elicit strong memories whenever they come across it. The dress, embroidered with various colours, makes Awad feel as if his grandmother is still present among them and that Palestine is as it once was.

The colours used in Palestinian embroidery are typically inspired by the landscape and also reflect the social status of the Palestinian woman. A bride’s dress typically has different shades of red, whilst a widowed woman’s is created with dark blue to mark her mourning. Once she is married again, she would usually wear a dress with shades of bright blue, as if to announce the end of her mourning. Here, Awad expressively employs each of these colours as a sign of appreciation for Palestinian dress and its role in preserving Palestinian heritage.


Salem Awad2

Salem Awad Holds a BA in Fine Art From Al- Aqsa University, Gaza with a specialisation in filmmaking (2008). He is a member of the Palestinian Fine Artists Association and has held several positions teaching Fine Art to Palestinian youth.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • ‘Utopia’, Windows from Gaza, Gaza (2010)
  • Exhibition and Auction, UNDP, Gaza (2011).
  • ‘Festival of Creativity in Gaza’, Gaza Centre for Culture and Art, Gaza (2011).
  • ‘Mountain and the Sea’, UNDP, Jerusalem (2011)
  • ‘Art of Gaza’, House of the Confluence of Artists, Gaza (2010).
  • ‘Canaanite’, Women’s Centre for Information and Media, Gaza (2010)
  • Union Gallery, Gaza (2010)
  • ‘Exception’, Women’s Centre for Information and Media, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Pieces of Light’, Society for Culture and Free Thought, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Gaza from the Ashes’, Red Crescent Society, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Graphic II’, Arts and Craft Village, Gaza (2006).



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