Nareman Faraj Allah


Untitled, 100 x 80 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2014.


Untitled I

Employing various symbolic characters, Nareman Faraj Allah’s work pulsates with tribal iconography. Yet most of these icons are symbols that she has devised; references to her life and upbringing. The central, prominent figure is likely a self-portrait and also a statement on the significance of the woman’s position and role in Palestinian culture and tradition.


Born in 1978, Nareman Faraj Allah holds a BA in Art Education from Al Aqsa University, Gaza (2004). She is a member of the Palestinian Artists Association, the Federation of Trade Unions in Palestine, the Paletta Group of Fine Art and the Roots Fine Art Group; all based in Gaza.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • Gaza Festival of Contemporary Fine Art, Gaza (2011).
  • ‘Alienation’, Elteka’a Gallery, Gaza (2012)
  • ‘This is also Gaza’, Amman, Jordan (2012).
  • ‘Gaza Art’, Elta’a Gallery, Gaza (2012)
  • ‘Sand Tone’, Roots Gallery, Gaza (2012)
  • ‘Features of Definition’, Palestinian Red Cross, Gaza (2012).



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