Mohammad Lubbad

Transference_Mixed Media on Paper_2014_70 x 50cm

Transference, 70 x 50 cm, Mixed Media on Paper, 2014



By gathering old pieces of newspaper, magazine and scraps of paper- remnants of the past- Mohammed Lubbad rearranges this material into imagery that portrays a pivotal point in the history of the Palestinian people- their transference in 1948. Lubbad’s method reminds us of the importance in piecing together information,  as doing so ensures a holistic view of a story.


mohammad lubbad

After completing a course in Graphic Design in Norway (1999), Mohammad Lubbad obtained his BA in Fine Art from Al Najah University, Nablus in 2000. He then went on to study Art Criticism at Helwan University, Cairo, where he graduated in 2009. Mohammad has worked at the Ministry of Education, Gaza as well as both Al Aqsa and Gaza University where he currently delivers lectures on Art. He is a member of the Association for Plastic Artists as well as a founding member of ‘Roots’ a group of artists based in Gaza.

Notable Exhibitions:

  •  Mural sponsored by Roots Gallery , Palestinian Think Society and Gaza University, Gaza (2013)
  • Exhibition for the Anniversary of the Passing of Yasser Arafat, Cairo (2012).
  • Ahoush, Amman (2012)
  • ‘Features of Challenge’, Red Crescent Association, Gaza (2012).
  • Roots Gallery, Gaza (2012)
  • Eltiqa’a Gallery (2012).
  • Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project (ORSMP) (2011)
  • Stavanger Exhibition, Norwegian Nablus Society (2010)
  • Opera House, Cairo, Egypt (2007)
  • Gallery of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo (2006)
  • UNDP Annual Art Auction, Jerusalem (2006).
  • Red Crescent Association, Gaza (2003)
  • Al Najah University, Nablus (1998)
  • Birzeit University, Ramallah (1997)




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