Marwan Nassar

marwan nassar_100 x 80 cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2014

Nostalgia, 100 x 80 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014.



Marwan Nassar remembers a time when he lived with his grandfather and would study him when he ground coffee, as they sat together in a simple room amidst humble surroundings. He would burn the black coffee and then grind it by hand in a pottery bowl. Watching the process and inhaling the fragrance of freshly ground coffee was in itself therapeutic and the expression on his grandfather’s face was one of content concentration, unforgettable to Nassar.

Marwan Nassar

Born in 1984, Marwan Nassar obtained his BA in art from Al Aqsa University in 2007. He currently teaches art at Ibrahim Al Maqadma Secondary School for Boys in Gaza. He also lectures part-time at the College for Applied and Professional Sciences.


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