Maisara Baroud

the return العودة

The Return, 100 x 200 cm, Ink on Paper, 2014.


The Return

Infused with symbolism, Maisara Baroud’s ‘The Return’ is a mythological portrayal of the return to a homeland. Most prominent is the Sphinx, typically symbolic of a guardian to a temple or a sacred place, here positioned amid flying and falling birds as well as avian humans. Such whimsical and mystical imagery is both a prelude to the battles of the past and what was lost, as well as an aspiration for what shall be regained.

maisara baroud

Born in 1976 in Gaza, Maisara Baroud holds a BA in decoration from Al Najah University, Nablus (1998) and an MA in Fine Art from Helwan University, Cairo ( 2010). he is a Member of the Palestinian Artists Association (Ramallah), the Artists Association (Gaza), the General Union of Fine Artists (Palestine) and the National Union of Cultural Arts (Algeria). He currently works as both an interior designer and a lecturer within the department of Engineering Science and Applied Arts, School of Science and Technology, Khan Younis.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • ‘AAW international Youth Salon’, AlexandriaEgypt (2009)
  • ’13 Artist From Gaza’, France (2007)
  • ‘Al Jedar’ (the Wall), Ramallah-USA (2005).
  • Palestinian Artists Exhibition, Lebanon (2004)
  • ‘Globalization’, Japan (2002)
  • ‘Alexandria Penale’, Egypt (2001)
  • ‘Sawt Al Sabbar’ (Cactus Voice), Qatar (2001)
  • ‘Al Rabee’, Gaza (2000)
  • ‘Al Maseera’, Ramallah (1999).
  • Ministry of Culture, Algeria (2009)
  • Rashad Shawa Cultural Centre, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Flash’, Ministry of Culture, Algeria (2009)
  • ‘Rita and the Gun’, Gaza (2004)
  • ‘Young Artists of the Year’, Ramallah (2000).




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