Iyad Sabbah

Remnants of Memory, 70 x 70 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2014.

Alternative Memory, 70 x 45 cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2014.


Alternative Memory

The word ‘memory’ generally elicits thoughts pertaining to personal rather than to collective memory. Iyad Sabbah decided to consider ‘memory’ as a continual state of mind- owing to today’s technology that has enabled us to preserve it before it begins to fade. Employing a circuit board connected to organic, wax-like material that resembles ice melting, Sabbah juxtaposes human next to electronic memory and in doing so, suggests our heavy reliance on technology to record and document memory. In this way, Sabbah also begs the question: why do we so deeply fear losing our memory of the past?


Iyad Sabbah holds an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Helwan University, Cairo as well as a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Fateh University, Libya. He is a member of the Gaza Artists Association as well as the General Union of Artists. He currently teaches art at Al Aqsa Univeristy, Gaza.


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