Irina Naji


Dream, 130 x 170 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014.



A trio of women stand together, their heads bowed and adorned with olive branches, wheat spikes, oranges and birds- elements that reflect the culture, traditions and heritage of Palestine. This work is not simply a reflection on, or longing for the past, but is also a prayer for peace and the right to fulfill the dream to truly live.

1544381_367867643353052_433069318_n (1)

Born in 1965, Irina Naji obtained her BSc at the Academy of Art and Architecture, St Petersburg, Russia in 1989. Irina has taught at both the ‘Our Home’ Association and the Al Qattan Association, Gaza. She currently teaches at the Community Empowerment Centre, Gaza.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • TAWASOL, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Palestine (2012).
  • ‘Challenge Features’, Roots Gallery, Gaza (2012).
  •  Ismail Shammout  Art Competition, Gaza (2012).
  • ‘Winter’s Warmth’, Centre for Rehabilitation and the Development of Palestinian Women (2012).
  •  First Festival for Art, Said Al Meshal Institution, Gaza (2011).
  •  Al- Qattan Center, Gaza (2008).
  • Woman and Community Empowerment centre, Gaza (2008).
  • Art Festival, Roots Restaurant, Gaza (2007).
  • Al- Qattan Center, Gaza (2006).
  • ‘Brothers Lama’, Ministry of Culture, Gaza (2006).
  • Baron Shtigliz Academy, St Petersburg (1989).

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