Ibrahim Al Awadi

صانع البوابير

The Plumber, 70 x 100, Oil on Canvas, 2014.

The Plumber

Ever since he was a child, Ibrahim Al Awadi was preoccupied with observing people’s faces, namely the features of the ‘underprivileged’. The humble plumber, from the refugee camp in which he used to live, was one of those whose faces showed traces of hardship-life’s woes manifested through the cracks on his skin.

Al Awadi recalls the way this man appeared as he sat in his workshop- a ray of light creeping in through the door left ajar. Resting in his chair with an expression of contemplation-seemingly remorseful for time lost- the sight of this plumber, with his modest clothes and hands stained black, remains vivid in Al Awadi’s memory.

صوره شخصيه

Ibrahim Al Awadi was born in Gaza in 1976. After completing his BA in Art Education from Al Aqsa University in 2001, he established the Art Department in the ‘General Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine’.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • Opening of ‘Eltiqa’, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Visual Stories’, Eltiqa, Gaza (2010)
  • First Festival for Contemporary Plastic Arts, Gaza Association for Culture and Art, Gaza (2011)
  • ‘Meeting in Eltiqa’, Funded by the French Consulate, Jerusalem (2011).



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