Dina Matar

The Wedding Night, 125 x 200 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014.

The Wedding Night, 125 x 200 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014.


The Wedding Night

Whenever we hear the phrase “what remains”, what often comes to mind are images of ashes or remains after destruction. However, in ‘The Wedding Night’ Dina Matter gives new meaning to this phrase by highlighting part of the social and cultural heritage of Palestine- that which consists of many neglected customs and traditions.

‘The Wedding Night’ is a folkloric work that sheds light on the customs of the wedding party, an event that had special social significance and particular arrangements. Two weeks prior to this day, people would start their preparations for the celebration, as feasts were prepared and a lamb was sacrificed as a bridal gift.

To add to the occasion, traditional music was played and excited children accompanied ululating women, adorned with henna on their hair and foreheads, as they carried flowers and scented plants for the bride.

Through the vibrancy of this work, Dina Mattar documents these wonderful customs, a small number of which have persevered.


Born in Gaza in 1985, Dina Mattar obtained a Bachelors degree in Art Education from Al Aqsa University, Gaza in 2007.  Mattar collaborated on several projects with European artists and participated in several local exhibitions and workshops in Gaza in cooperation with A.M Qattan Foundation and the French Cultural Centre. Her work was also displayed at international exhibitions in Geneva and France.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • ‘Tomorrow Will Love Life’, Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2012).
  • ‘Leave’, Open Studio, City International of Arts, Paris (2012)
  • ‘The First Rain’, Qattan Foundation in cooperation with the French Cultural Centre (2012).
  • ‘Despite’, 16 Contemporary Palestinian Artists, Art Canteen, London (2012)
  • Plurielles Salle Balene, Figeac, France (2012)
  • ‘Other Worlds’, French Cultural Institute, Gaza (2012)
  • ‘Other Worlds’, France, Jordan, Palestine (2011)
  • Salon Palestinian, Jaffa (2011)
  • Young Artists, Birzeit University, Palestine (2011)
  • Young Artist Competition, Mosaic Room, Qattan Foundation, London (2011)
  • Palestine in the Eyes of Young Artists, Palestine (2011).
  • Young Artist Competition, A.M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah (2010)
  • Visual Stories, Eltiqa Artist’s House, Gaza (2010).
  • GAZART, Exhibition & Workshop, Eltiqa artists house– Palestine- Gaza
  • Creative Palestine, Art Sawa, Dubai, UAE
  • ELTIQA IN RAMALLAH – Sakakini Cultural Center – Ramallah – Palestine
  • 2009 – Autumn of ELTIQA in Toulouse, France 2009- White Night in French Cultural Center and Oran, Algeria 2009-White Night in French Cultural Center Gaza Palestine
  • Exhibition and workshop ELTIQA summer – Palestinian Red Crescent Society Gaza
  • Colors of hope –UNDP JERUSALEM
  • An everlasting memory Windows from gaza
  • Eltiqa exhibition of the Syrian Arab cultural center of Paris
  • Art Rest, PRCS Gaza, Palestine
  • “ART OF PALESTAINS” , Bank of Palestine
  • Cultural Center – Gaza and Ramallah
  • 2008 – ELTIQA – Galerie Brigitte Graffault, Montauban, Franc
  • Occupied Space, Qattan foundation, London, UK
  • 2007 Exhibition Gaza seasons- GENEVA – Switzerland 2007 – white night – French cultural centers 2007 – Special selections from Gaza – France
  • 2006 – smiles – Al Qattan for Children – Gaza
  • 2005 – women pioneers – PRCS 2005 – 2006 spring exhibition – Al Aqsa University – Gaza 2005 – workshop entitled “The Art of recycling raw materials ” with the Scottish
  • artist “Ross Jursun” – Village of Arts and Crafts
  • 2004 photographic and video – Workshop- Palestinian humanitarian 2004 workshop entitled ” water colors creations ” – with the German artist
  • “Utah Striga
  • 2003-2004 Technical supervision in the young journalist club 2003 – Shining exhibition for Youth creations – Noor Center
  • 2002 Spring Exhibition – The Ministry of Social Affairs
  • 2001 Let us live in safe” Rashad Shawa Cultural Center

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