Ayman Issa

150 x 130 cm_Oil on Canvas

Dialogue, 130 x 150 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2014



These two women, with their angular features and voluptuous figures, are characteristic of women within Ayman Issa’s work. Here they are seated within a room of a house, alit with a simple lamp. Their body language is relaxed, yet their gaze drifts towards us, the viewer, as if we have interrupted them in mid-conversation. Awash with a rich hue of blue, these women are ageless; representing the past, present and future; symbols of strength, femininity, motherhood and fertility.

Ayman Issa

Born in Gaza in 1974, Ayman received his BA in Fine Arts from Al Najah University Nabuls in 1999. He obtained his MA in Fine Arts from Helwan University, Cairo in 2011. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Palestine and abroad and has also taken part in many workshops in Palestine, particularly with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • ‘Boredom’, Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, 2005
  • ‘Indication’, Gallery Station, Ramallah, 2009

Group Exhibitions:

  • ‘Inside, Outside the Box’, Najah University of Nablus, 2012
  • ‘International Art Exhibition GENTES’, Malta, 2012
  • ‘Gallery 2’, Gaza Strip confluence, 2012
  • ‘Colours of Hope’, UNDP, Jerusalem, 2011, 2006, 2005
  • ’10 professional art gallery windows’, 2010
  • ‘Exhibition confluence’, Galerie Braffault, montauban, France, 2010
  • Syrian Arab Center, Paris, 2009
  • Galeries Acade City Karajak France, 2009
  • Exhibition remnants of the art of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society Gaza, 2009
  • Bank of Palestine Gaza, 2009
  • Exhibition of the effects of the war the French Cultural Center, Gaza, 2009
  • ‘White Night’, French Cultural Center, Gaza, 2008, 2007
  • Exhibition Gala, Tokyo, Japan, 2006
  • ‘Gallery tonight bitter white’, French Cultural Centre, Gaza, 2006
  • Art Gallery of Palestine,  Britain, 2005
  • Spring Exhibition Artists Association, Ramallah, 2005
  • ‘Top ten artists from the Gaza Strip’, Several French cities, 2005
  • ‘Exhibition of the experiences of a young contemporary artist’, Gallery Enamel, Gaza Strip, the International Academy of Art, 2005
  • ‘Memorable Things’, UNDP, Jerusalem, 2004
  • Palestine Exhibition Hall, Gaza, 2002
  • ‘We Will be Palestinian’, Red Crescent Society, Gaza, 2001
  • ‘Unity 2000’, Spring Exhibition Hall, Gaza, 2000
  • Dignity, Jerusalem House, Ramallah, 1999
  • Rome Biennale, Italy, 1999

E: esa_am7@hotmail.com


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