Sometimes, it only takes a subtle reminder, a fragment or a remnant, to evoke a feeling, a thought or a memory so powerful- that we must consider the importance of its existence.

Whether a torn piece of paper, your mother’s wedding ring, a childhood toy, an old photograph, your birth certificate or the smell of your fathers cologne; these traces are evidence to the existence or passing of something- a testimony to our memory.

Why are traces relevant? They tell us something about the time in which they existed or about the entity that they were once part of. They help us document our past and enable us to reconnect with our origins.

 Such an acknowledgment of our history helps us move on into the future.

In this exhibition, over 40 artists from Gaza explore the concept of ‘traces’ by contemplating its personal significance. Their resulting work considers issues related to memory, remains, evidence and reminders. Collectively, they convey the importance of documentation by providing insight into the present cultural condition in Palestine. In doing so, they remind us of the necessity of the protection of Palestinian culture and heritage as a means towards Palestinian self-preservation.



Curated by Yasmin Sharabi, the exhibition is a collaborative venture between PADICO HOLDING, the Artist Pension Trust (APT), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Institute Francais (Jerusalem).

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