Raouf Al Ajouri

The Bitter and the Bitterness, 120 x 300 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014.

The Bitter and the Bitterness, 120 x 300 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014.


The Bitter and the Bitterness

Raouf Al Ajouri’s work is recognized for its emblematic characters that are consistently portrayed as otherworldly, curious, childlike beings. This desire to illustrate a sense of innocence is perhaps a form of escapism- of reminiscing about a time prior to becoming influenced by society’s restrictions, or tainted by humanity’s shortcomings.


Born in Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza, Raouf Al Ajouri holds a Ba in Art Education from Al Aqsa University, Gaza (2008). He has undertaken various courses in calligraphy, drawing and animation and is a founding member of ‘Eltiqa’, a collective of contemporary artists based in Gaza. He has previously held positions teaching art and is currently the art coordinator for Eltiqa Artists House.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • ‘Silent Dialog’, Sakakini culture center,  Qattan Art Program, Ramallah (2003)
  • ‘Visual Stories’, Eltiqa artists house, Gaza (2010)
  • ‘GAZART’, Exhibition & Workshop, Eltiqa Artist’s House (2010)
  • ‘Art Rest’, PRCS Gaza, Palestine (2009)
  • ‘Summer of ELTIQA’, PRCS, Gaza, Funded by French Consulate, Jerusalem (2009).
  • ‘ELTIQA’, Galerie Brigitte Graffault, Montauban, France (2009).
  • ‘ELTIQA’ Peinture, LE SCRIPE/ 11 artists contemporary from Gaza (2009).
  • ‘Art Rest’, PRCS, Gaza, Palestine (2009).
  • ‘Traces de Guerre’, Centre Culture France,Gaza (2009)
  • ‘ArtVO’, CERGY PONTOISE, France (2009)
  • ‘Morceaux choisis Gaza’ mobile exhibition, Albi, Toulouse, France (2008)
  • ‘La Nuit Blanch’, Ceter Culture France, Gaza (2008).
  • ‘Occupied Space’, Occupied Space and Qattan Foundation, The Mosaic Rooms, A.M. Qattan Foundation, London (2008)
  • ‘le Salon reçoit’, TOULOUSE, France (2008)
  • ‘UPSIDUM’,  University of Rangueuil TOULOUSE, France (2008)
  •  Eltiqa, Galerie l’Acadie CAJARC (2008)
  • ‘Panorama Palestinian Painters’, Maison l’Oradou, CLERMONT FERRANT (2008)
  • ‘Gaza Seasons’, Geneva, Switzerland (2007)
  • ‘La Nuit Blanch’, CCF, Gaza (2007)
  • Eltiqa, mobile exhibition, Albi, Toulouse, France (2007)
  • Gaza shooed pieces, Albi, Toulouse, Rodez, France (2007)
  • ‘The White Night’, CCF, Gaza (2006)
  • ‘From Sands to Gray’, with Swiss Artist (Elaine Bytrison), Gaza (2006)
  • ‘SPRING’, Alhallaj gallery, Ramallah, Palestine (2005)
  • ’10 Artists from Palestine’, Najac, Toulouse, Albi, Paris – France (2004)
  • ‘6 Artists from Gaza’, Nablus, Nazareth & Jerusalem (2003)
  • ‘Winter 2002’, Center Culture French, Gaza (2002)
  • Mural (Al-Nakba Day Memory) with 40 Artists, Gaza (2001/ 2002)
  • (We Will Be Exhibition), Gaza, Palestine, PRCS (2000)
  • ‘In the Shadow of Intifada’, Arts & Crafts Village, Gaza (1997)
  • Various Group Exhibitions (1993-97).






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  2. Pingback: Raouf Al Ajouri | Traces

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