Abdullah Al Rozzi

The Memory of Our Village, 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas

The Memory of Our Village, 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas


The Memory of Our Village

Through Abdullah Rozzi’s work, we are able to gain a sense the importance of the existence of the olive tree as a symbol of national heritage and endurance- where every leaf, branch and root, resonates throughout the landscape. Through the subtlety of his painting technique, Rozzi presents us with an impression of his environment- of the colours, the light and the general atmosphere of a place that exists neither in the present nor in the past but almost as an idyllic daydream.

Abdallah Al Ruzzi

Born in 1982 in Gaza, Abdullah Al Rozzi holds a BA in Fine Art Education from Al Aqsa University, Gaza. He has been extremely active with various arts institutions in the middle east and in 2010 was awarded the Hassan Hourani Young Artist Award.

Notable Exhibitions:

  • Melad International Festival of contemporary, Jericho (2012)
  • Young Artist Exhibition (YAYA), Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, Gaza (2012)
  • Middle East In Cairo Atelier, Cairo (2012)
  • Art Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy (2012)
  • Mosaic Room Gallery, London (2012)
  • ‘Ethnographic’, Birzeit University, Ramallah (2011)
  • Young Artist Exhibition, Qattan Foundation, Gaza- Ramallah (2010)
  • ‘MADA’ Forum, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Tolerance 4, International Day for Tolerance, Gaza (2009)
  • In the Windows, Gaza (2009)
  • ‘Lots of Light’, Centre for Culture and Free Thought, Khan Younis (2009)
  • ‘Gaza Paint’, Palestine Forum, Gaza (2008)
  • ‘Tender’, 10th Anniversary of Arts and Craft Village, Gaza (2007)
  • ‘White Night’, French Cultural Centre, Gaza (2007)
  • International Exhibition of Children’s Books, Germany (2006)
  • Exhibition of Childrens Literature, Port Gallery, Gaza (2005)
  • Horizon Gallery XII, YMCA, Gaza (2003)
  • ‘Certificate of Colour’, Rashad Shawa Cultural Centre, Gaza (2001)
  • Graduates of the Young Men’s Christian Association, Gaza (2000)
  • ‘Pulse’, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
  • ‘Colours of Dirt’, AM Qattan Foundation, Gaza (2008)
  • ‘Illustration’, Guangzhou, China (2006)
  • ‘Links’, Gaza (2005)
  • ‘Links’, Association for Culture and the Dream of Reviving Palestinian Folklore, Gaza (2003)




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